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UltraSimple Diet Book: Kickstart Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Seven Days

UltraSimple Diet Book: Kickstart Your Metabolism and Safely Lose Up to 10 Pounds in Seven Days

A 7 day weight loss plan to revitalize health, boost energy and feel your best. Detailed daily instructions, food instructions, recipes, supplement recommendations and stress reduction techniques. Pages for journal entries and tracking progress.

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Product Description

If You Need To Lose Weight Fast But Don’t Want To Damage Your Health And Are Tired Of Hearing People Tell You To Just “Eat Less And Exercise More,” Then You Need The UltraSimple Diet®.

Mark Hyman, M.D., the medical expert whose groundbreaking UltraMetabolism® was a smash New York Times bestseller, now reveals an accelerated plan for quick, safe, and healthy weight loss - as much as 10 pounds in 7-days.

The UltraSimple Diet® is grounded in 21st-century science and medically proven through years of testing on thousands of Dr. Hyman's patients.

How Can You Receive
Results In 7 Short Days?

Many people are skeptical that such a program can work so quickly in only 7 days - and they should be.

That’s because they are used to working against their body’s natural mechanisms for health. We live in a world that doesn’t support health. Rather it creates sickness and obesity, so we are used having our metabolism work at only half speed. We think it’s normal, but it’s not.

However, once we are exposed to a simple lifestyle that supports wellness and works WITH our body’s natural mechanisms for health, we fast-track our success by kick-starting our metabolism and shifting it into a higher gear.

How Exactly Does the Program Work?

It’s simple: provide your body with foods and activities that help you detoxify and cool inflammation and your body will do the rest…automatically.

It has the natural ability to find balance and heal once you stop doing things that throw it off balance and provide things that put it back into balance.

This is why it’s automatic — provide your body with the good things, take away the bad things, and you body’s natural intelligence takes over and you lose weight and gain health.

What’s Included In The Program?

Get started today and receive this simple 7-day weight loss plan to revitalize your health, boost energy and lose weight.

  • Detailed daily instructions - no thinking or guessing…
  • Precise instructions for what foods to eat and which to avoid…
  • Specific recipes, supplements and stress reduction techniques – exercise is optional for this week…
  • The solution to the #1 problem most dieters have: how to keep the weight off for good.
  • Pages for journal entries and checklists to make it easy to track your progress and to know what to do next…

Mark Hyman, M.D. designed The UltraSimple Diet® program, to be an easy to use, accelerated 7-day plan.

Seven days from now, you could weigh up to 10 pounds less, have revitalized energy and health, and both feel and look fantastic, all by simply trying The UltraSimple Diet®.

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