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Blood Sugar Solution Show (Digital Download)

Blood Sugar Solution Show (Digital Download)

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Product Description

Right now, one in two Americans suffers from diabesity—the continuum from optimal blood sugar balance towards insulin resistance and full-blown diabetes. Diabesity is the single largest contributor to heart disease, dementia, cancer, and a host of other chronic illnesses.

Diabesity is also the single biggest driver of the more than $2 trillion we spend every year on chronic diseases. The real tragedy is that 90 percent of those suffering from this condition don’t even know it.

The good news is that we do have a scientifically-proven solution available to help us solve this health catastrophe that threatens to consume our nation and our world.

We Can END Blood Sugar Problems Without Drugs?

First, forget everything you’ve been told about the blood sugar problem you’ve “inherited” from your mother’s side or your father’s side, or from your ethnic or racial ancestry.

Truth is, the insulin resistance at the root of weight gain, diabetes, and a host of deadly diseases is almost 100% preventable and curable, no matter what your family history is.

Now go behind the scenes and learn as Mark Hyman, M.D. reveals:

  • What is Diabesity?
  • What the underlying causes are that drive this problem
  • A 4-step plan to help you overcome diabesity
  • How to Take Back Our Health as individuals, as a community, and as a society

See why Dr. Oz calls this “A Groundbreaking Science-Based, Easy-to-Follow Prescription”.