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These prenatal vitamins are carefully formulated for preconception through postpartum, optimized for couples, and conveniently bundled together, so your teamwork can make the dream work. WeNatal is the very first prenatal created that recognizes that men are half the equation in the fertility journey.

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Women: Nutrient density of 6-8 capsules packed into just 3 a day.Men:Nutrient density of 6-8 capsules packed into just 3 a day.

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  • Benefits & Features

    For Men. A supercharged multivitamin with special attention to the ingredients needed to support male reproductive and foundational health. 15 essential nutrients, in their most bioavailable forms, at the right doses.

    For Women. Carefully selected nutrients and doses, in their most bioavailable forms. Our ingredients provide the building blocks for healthy outcomes, for mom and baby, at every stage.

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