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Omega Twin

for 12 Ounces

Omega Twin

for 12 Ounces
Nourish your body with a pure and unrefined blend of organic flax and borage oil for essential omega-3/6/9 balance. This is the leading essential fatty acid formula for overall health and immunity.
  • Supply for 4 Weeks
Additional Information

Product Description

Leading "Complete"EFA product

  • Masterfully Blended - from Organic Flax Oil and Borage Oil
  • Optimally formulated - to balance Omega-3,6,9
  • Complete Omega-3,6,9 EFA nutrition
  • Freshest & Most Nutritious - Naturally!
  • Cold Pressed Fresh Daily
  • Air delivery, arriving within days
  • Freshness Dated - maximum freshness and potency
  • Pure, unfiltered & unrefined

Nurture and nourish your body with Barlean's Omega Twin, fresh from our handcrafted press and abundant in vital Omega-3, 6 and 9 fatty acids. Each drop is pure and pristine, unrefined and unfiltered to bring you vibrant health and energy!

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