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ProEPA with Concentrated GLA

for 60 Count

ProEPA with Concentrated GLA

for 60 Count
Pharmaceutical grade omega-3 fish oils with borage oil for freshness. Designed to support joint flexibility, tissue and immune function, as well as overall health. 60 ct. capsules
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Additional Information

Product Description

ProEPA Xtra Lemon 60 capsules:  

Exceptionally High EPA, DHA, and GLA Concentrate
Pharmaceutical Grade*
Molecularly Distilled
Omega-3 Fish Oil with Borage Oil
Beneficial Prostaglandin Production
Patented Manufacturing Process

ProEPA Xtra is an exceptionally high EPA, DHA, and GLA concentrate designed for joint flexibility, tissue support, and immune function.  Ingredients have been molecularly distilled to yield high concentrates of the key fatty acids, supporting beneficial eicosanoid production.

All Nordic Naturals products surpass all national and international pharmaceutical standards for freshness and purity, and are free from heavy metals, dioxins, and PCBs.  Every batch is third party tested to guarantee exceptional freshness and purity levels.

*Statement has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration.

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