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Episode 2

The Functional Medicine Approach to Heart Disease

Exclusive 8-Day Screening

Jan 13, 6pm EST (expired)

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Jan 15, 6pm EST (expired)

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Episode 1 – Defining Longevity

Live January 13th from 6pm EST to January 14th at 5:59pm EST

Episode 2 – The Functional Medicine Approach to Heart Disease

Live January 14th from 6pm EST to January 15th at 5:59pm EST

Episode 3 – The Functional Medicine Approach to Cancer

Live January 15th from 6pm EST to January 16th at 5:59pm EST

Episode 4 – The Functional Medicine Approach to Balancing Hormones

Live January 16th from 6 pm EST to January 17th at 5:59pm EST

Episode 5 – The Functional Medicine Approach to Optimal Brain Health

Live January 17th from 6pm EST to January 18th at 5:59pm EST

Episode 6 – Eating for Longevity

Live January 18th from 6pm EST to January 19th at 5:59pm EST

Episode 7 – Longevity Habits and Innovative Therapies

Live January 19th from 6pm EST to January 20th at 5:59pm EST

Episode 8 – The Longevity Roadmap / Putting It All Together

Live January 20th from 6pm EST to January 21st at 5:59pm EST

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