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Garlic bulb contains volatile oil, of which alliin is the major constituent. When the fresh bulb is macerated, alliin is decomposed into allicin by allinase. Allicin is the characteristic odor of the garlic. Allitridi is a highly purified and concentrated garlic essence and is the precursor of allicin. When it is metabolized in the body, it becomes allicin and displays its characteristic odor and pharmacological actions.

Product Description

The odor causing agent of of the garlic also contains its anti-infection properties. Scientists in China have been able to isolate the active ingredient of garlic, determined its molecular structure and mass produce the chemically stable form, the allitridi. The Allicin Capsule is made in a time-release form and will keep the concentration of allicin in the blood evenly distributed.

Recommended Use

2 -three times a day with or without food -

60 Capsules each bottle-10 day supply


garlic bulb 250 mg

Container Count