October 2022 Ask a Cardiologist

Hey everyone! Thank you for submitting questions for our Dr. Hyman+ exclusive Ask A Cardiologist segment. We collected the top questions from our Dr. Hyman+ Community and asked Dr. Neel Patel to give us his expert advice. Check out the video below!


Topics Discussed:

  • What are the cardiac implications of not treating subclinical hypothyroidism, if any? (00:47)
  • What would be a reason for my total cholesterol number being so high when all of my other cholesterol panel numbers are excellent? (3:55) 
  • Could you talk about foods and herbs/supplements that can be used to break down and eliminate calcified plaque? (7:04) 
  • What causes atrial fibrillation? How should it be treated? (10:56) 
  • In your general experience, does someone with AFib who has had an AV node ablation and has a pacemaker need to take blood thinners?  Is the stroke risk the same after these procedures? (15:19) 
  • For people that have a very high Lipoprotein(a), are statins necessary? What can be done to lower the risk of plaque buildup and reduce cardiovascular risk in these patients? (18:39) 
  • What is your opinion on checking for soft plaque in the arteries with the new Cleerly test instead of looking at calcium score? Can you ignore hard plaque and only focus on soft? (21:23) 
  • After a five-day fast, can LDL cholesterol values be higher than prior to starting the fast? How is that possible? (23:11) 
  • What is your best advice for folks who are hyper absorbers of cholesterol? Is Zetia the best bet, and what other diet and supplement recommendations might be helpful? (25:02) 
  • What tests are helpful for assessing heart health? (26:53) 
  • What are some basic tips on getting heart-healthy, and what are the top things to focus on? 

Thanks for tuning in, until next time. 

-Dr. Hyman & Team Dr. Hyman+

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