February 2022 Ask Mark Anything

Hey everyone! The February Ask Mark Anything is here and available exclusively to the Dr. Hyman+ Community. Over the past month, our team collected questions from the community and found the most popular topics to ask Dr. Hyman. Check out the video below! 

Topics Discussed:

  • What supplements do you think are most beneficial in preventing long Covid? How long should someone take those supplements? (00:35) 
  • What are the side effects of radiotherapy, and is there an optimum lifestyle that would be best for someone who has undergone radiotherapy? (7:17) 
  • What are fibrinolytic enzymes, and are they beneficial to take as a prophylactic measure to prevent cardiovascular disease, blood clots, or strokes?
  • (11:47)
  • What is interstitial cystitis, and what is the Functional Medicine approach to treating it? (14:52) 
  • Is there a Functional Medicine approach to treating eating disorders like bulimia? Can eating disorders like bulimia impact insulin resistance and metabolism long term? (17:06) 
  • What are Dr. Hyman’s thoughts on hormonal birth control and should women be concerned about their side effects and long-term use? (20:58) 
  • What can be done to help someone who has peripheral neuropathy and is experiencing numbness and pain in their feet? (23:59) 
  • What do you suggest for someone who suffers from narcolepsy? (26:03) 
  • Do you have any recommendations for someone who has suffered from a concussion recently? Are there any supplements that can help with recovery? (27:22) 
  •  What project, book, docuseries, or accomplishment are you most proud of and why? (31:22) 


Galleri Test 
UltraMind Solution 

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Thanks for tuning in, until next time. 

-Dr. Hyman & Team Dr. Hyman+

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