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Enzalase contains twelve different enzymes which aid your body in breaking down carbohydrates, fiber, proteins, and fats, helping you and the probiotics in your gut derive more nutrition from the food you eat as well as providing relief from daily gas and bloating.

Product Description

With our sodium alginate delivery and the EnzaStim® ingredient, Enzalase has a unique cleansing action and works deep in the G.I. tract to eliminate waste build-up and to support proper digestion.*

Enzalase can be used as an enzymatic colon cleanse to help prep the entire GI tract for probiotic colonization.

This combination of enzymes helps release prebiotics from fruits, vegetables and whole grains.

Enzalase contains 6,000 FIP Lipase Units. Lipase is a vital digestive enzyme for fats, enabling other enzymes towork more effectively by removing fat blockage.

Works systemically when taken on an empty stomach.*

    Ingredients and Recommended Use

    *Potencies are guaranteed through expiration date when stored properly in an unopened bottle. Bottled products containing capsules are packaged using TIP (Total Inert Packaging) which includes amber glass bottles, oxygen and moisture absorption packets, rayon wadding and a nitrogen flush. **For Optimal potency, product can be stored in the freezer prior to opening. If frozen, allow the bottle to come to room temperature before opening to avoid drawing in moisture. Once opened, store product in the refrigerator. Shipping recommendations: Master Supplements recommends shipping our products with an expedited service such as USPS Priority/Express, UPS or FedEx. Products can withstand temperatures outside of the designated storage recommendations during shipment. Icepacks are not necessary.

    Container Count

    50 capsules