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E.P.O. Evening Primrose Oil

E.P.O. Evening Primrose Oil

Cold-pressed evening primrose oil to support healthy skin, cardiovascular function and women’s premenstrual phase.

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Supply for 4 weeks

Product Description

Evening primrose oil (E.P.O) is cold-pressed and produced without the use of any solvents. Used for centuries as nutritional support for a wide range of physiological functions, several studies have indicated that EPO may help support the look and feel of healthy skin. A clinical trial reported that EPO supported healthy skin through a modulation of IFN-gamma. Another study revealed that EPO promoted skin health and led to a more favorable shift in eicosanoid metabolism. Other studies suggest that EPO may support healthy lipid metabolism and may provide oxidative protection by promoting glutathione reductase and transferase activities. A clinical trial reported that GLA in combination with EPA/DHA significantly promoted healthy cardiovascular function in women. Additionally, EPO may potentially be supportive of premenstrual comfort.

E.P.O. (evening primrose oil) is cold-pressed and provides versatile support for healthy skin, cardiovascular function and premenstrual comfort.

Recommended Use

1–4 capsules daily, in divided doses, with or between meals or as directed by your healthcare practitioner.


1 softgel contains:
Calories 5
Calories from fat 5
Total fat 0.5 g.
Evening primrose oil (seed) (cold pressed) 500 mg.
gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) 9% 45 mg.

Other Ingredients: gelatin capsule

Container Count

100 ct