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NeuroProtek Low Phenol Liquid

NeuroProtek Low Phenol Liquid

A unique all natural oral dietary supplement which may promote harmony between body and mind.

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Product Description

NeuroProtek® Low Phenol uses an exclusive combination of flavonoids and has lower milligrams of Quercetin and specifically Rutin (known to be high in phenols) than our originalformula. NeuroProtek® Low Phenol is formulated to maximize effects of flavonoids while also overcoming any absorption obstacles. NeuroProtek® Low Phenol contains the flavonoids: Luteolin, Quercetin, and Rutin.

 The selection of specific beneficial flavonoids, as well as the source, purity and absorbability of those flavonoids were taken into consideration in order to develop the most beneficial NeuroProtek® LP product with the least amount of associated risk.

Ingredients and Recommendations

Dosage – Consult with a Physician before use

For dosage times, it is better to spread them during the day because they are cleared from the body within 4 hrs.

Minimum Daily Dosage – 2 dropperfulls per 20KG (44lbs) of body weight
Maximum Daily Dosage – 3 dropperfulls per 20KG (44lbs) of body weight
Maximum per day 9 dropperfulls per day.

Recommended dosages work best if separated throughout the day.

As often recommended when starting something new, please go Low and Slow.

Please confirm all dosage with your personal physician. Consumers should also be aware of the fact that other supplements containing e.g. curcumin, pycnogenol or grapefruit seed extract contain flavonoids that may interact with the flavonoids in NeuroProtek® LP. In such cases, or when taking large doses of L-tryptophan, the dose of NeuroProtek® LP should be decreased or other supplements discontinued.

While some results may be seen immediately, it may take 6 months before measurable results are observed .

Health providers may offer NeuroProtek® LP in conjunction with other necessary therapies.
NeuroProtek® LP should be stored at a dry cool place away from reach of children.
NeuroProtek® LP should only be taken in suggested dosages – 

Serving size

60 ml

Each bottle contains 60 servings


Algonot put great care and consideration in the selection of ingredients. For each ingredient, attention to the source, purity and absorbability where given to develop the most beneficial product with the least amount of associated risk.