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G.I. Detox +

G.I. Detox +

Helps Remove Debris, and Mops Up Toxins and Supports Microbial Balance

Product Description

An upgraded binding formula to support enhanced clearance of endotoxins, metals, and xenobiotic compounds. Removal of debris and toxins is essential when restoring microbial balance to the GI tract. 

Binding agents are especially integral to protocols using Biocidin®, as the breakdown of biofilms, mycotoxins, and pathogens can cause die-off or herxheimer-type detox reactions. Endotoxins from gram-negative bacteria such as LPS, heavy metals, and metabolites of yeast, mold, or bacteria can all contribute to an increased toxic burden and promote inflammation. Our new formulation excels in supporting clearance of these toxins.

  • Assists in cleansing and detoxification.
  • Recommend for use with Biocidin® .
  • Assists in biofilm removal.

Ingredients and Recommended Use

1 capsule on an empty stomach with a full glass of water or as directed by a healthcare professional. Take 1 hour apart from other medications and supplements.

Not recommended for use during pregnancy. Discontinue use should adverse reactions occur.

  • Medicinal Actions:

Zeolite: Adsorbent, anti-inflammatory, antioxidant, immunomodulatory.

Traditional Use:

Zeolite is a collective name for minerals and chemical compounds within the group of silicates.1Due to the unique arrangement of the atoms and the water-binding capacities of the microporous structure, zeolite minerals act like a “rock-sponge”.1Traditional applications of natural clay include skin conditions as well as gastrointestinal disorders such as diarrhoea, irritable bowel syndrome, mercury poisoning, and nausea.3,4Medical applications of zeolites have been used in filtration systems for anesthesia and dialysis and as contrast materials in nuclear magnetic resonance imaging. Zeolite powders for external use include application as deodorants, antimycotic agents and wound dressings.5

Activated Charcoal: Absorptive agent, adsorptive agent.

Traditional Use:

Charcoal has been used for thousands of years in Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Hindu cultures for medicinal purposes.9The activated form of charcoal has been used for the past century for gastric decontamination following the ingestion of toxic substances.9Activated charcoal is considered to be an effective remedy for the treatment of toxic ingestions with the exception of those caused by corrosive agents, cyanide, iron, mineral acids, organic solvents, and heavy metals.

This product is made without dairy, gluten, soy, corn, animal products, artificial coloring or flavoring.


Container Count

60 Count