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Longevity Roadmap Workbook

Longevity Roadmap Workbook

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Product Description

This Workbook includes a detailed description of the most important systems in your body that, when ignored cause chronic disease and advanced aging, and when supported create energy and wellness. It takes you through quizzes that explore exactly how supported each system is, key focus areas for each section, recommended lab tests your doctor can run, dietary and supplement recommendations, and a comprehensive step-by-step plan that lays out exactly what you can do to start creating a healthier life today.

The information included in the 30 Days to Aging Backwards Workbook extends beyond what was covered in the Longevity Roadmap docu-series to teach you exactly how to increase your healthspan in order to live better, longer. It holds all of the answers you might be looking for, including exactly what I do for my own health venture and what I recommend to my patients. Seriously, this Workbook has it all.

Want to feel young at any age? Pick up your copy of my 30 Days to Aging Backwards Workbook today!