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Sole Jar with Stones

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Sole Jar with Stones

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Himalayan Crystal Stones to create a concentrated salty solution containing 84 ionic minerals to help balance and restore many body functions.

Product Description

Sole Jar with Stones comes prepared with the perfect amount of Himalayan Salt Stones to make Sole in a wide, easy to use jar. Just add water! Then cover with the Original Himalayan Crystal Salt cork lid. This cork lid provides a barrier to keep dust and contaminants out of the Sole and protects the molecular structure of the salt where as a plastic or metal lid would alter the biodynamic energy of the salt. Plus, salt corrodes metal and metal or plastic jars and lids could leach the harmful effects of these materials into the Sole.

Sole made from Original Himalayan Crystal Stones is the easiest way to energize and hydrate your body.

 Includes the 84 minerals considered essential nutrients for life and energy

 Flood your body with electrolytes which can improve conductivity and stimulate circulation*

 Improve hydration into your cells*

 Help balance acid-alkaline imbalances*

 Helps normalize blood pressure*

 Supports detoxification and helps cleanse the intestines*

 Supports a properly functioning metabolism*

Sole is the easiest, fastest way to hydrate and energize your cells and body.

Crystal Stones for Sole contain 84 trace minerals essential for health in almost identical ratios to what exist in our blood. The structure of the crystals are so perfect and size of the particles so small that they can be absorbed into the cell and metabolized by the body. 

To learn more about the benefits of Sole click here.

Ingredients and Recommendations

The wide, glass Sole Jar with a cork lid comes pre-filled with pure, 100% Original Himalayan Crystal Salt Stones. The Sole Jar is accompanied by a handmade, high quality, natural schima superba wooden spoon.

Two Ways to Use Sole:

Option #1
Add 1 teaspoon of Sole using your handcrafted wooden spoon to an 8-ounce glass of your preferred drinking water.

Drink each morning on an empty stomach and then wait 30 minutes before eating.

Option #2
Add 1 teaspoon of Sole to 1 quart of your preferred drinking water and drink it throughout the day.

Sole is safe for children just reduce the amount of Sole added to their water to half a teaspoon.

It’s also safe for your pets! Use the same amount as you would for children.

Sole is the easiest, fastest way to hydrate and energize your cells and body.

Container count

12 oz glass jar